Skip to content – 8 digit activation code is a link which is use to register for Disney Plus, enter your 8-digit activation code appearing on screen to activate your account on any device. After activation, a notification stating that “Activation is complete” will appear.

This is the most popular streaming services that offers a large selection of well-known and highly regarded films and TV shows. You may watch live programming, live news, and much more with it after activating your account. You can stream video at once on approx. 4 devices. To watch, read, and listen to anything offline, download it. You can enable the streaming platform on your device by following the instructions specific to your device.

Disney Plus 8 Digit Activation Code

When registering for any service on, you must provide the 8-digit activation code as a password. If you are a new subscriber and looking forward to know that how you will get the code, following are the steps to get the code:

  • Open disneyplus website in the web browser.
  • Enter your email address and hit Submit.
  • You’ll get an email containing a link you can use to verify your account information. To finish signing up, click on it and follow the directions.

Where to Enter Activation Code?

Before accessing disney plus on device, you must activate your account by entering 8 digit activation code.

  • Firstly Open the Disney+ app on your system.
  • Login with your account.
  • When you are successfully log-in, you will see a screen showing the 8 digit activation code.
  • Go to and enter the code from the screen.

How to Login with Disney Plus On TV?

All the necessary steps to Login On TV are outline here.

  • On your TV, launch the Disney Plus application.
  • Select “Log in” from the menu.
  • On the TV screen, instructions to “sign up” will be shown.
  • In the browser on your PC or smartphone, type in the URL
  • On your TV screen, an eight-digit code will appear.
  • Enter the password that goes with your email address.
  • Your Disney Plus account has now successfully signed into on your TV.

Note- Sometimes, you can’t login with your account on TV, then you must verify that your device is compatible with Disney+. Either you can try reinstalling the Disney+ app from the app store on your device.

Quick Steps for activating Disney+ on TV

  • Open the Disney+ app on your TV and turn it on.
  • Once the app has been launch, log into your Disney+ account.
  • Next, open a web browser on your computer or phone that is already open and logged in.
  • Go to the Disney Plus website and input the eight-digit code that was display on the TV.
  • Disney+ will then be turn on on your Android TV after you hit the procee button.
  • Activating Disney+ on your TV is complete.

How To Cast Disney Plus from Phone To TV?

Disney Plus can be cast to a TV using Chromecast even if you don’t own a Smart TV. Just install the Disney app on your phone or tablet. Select a movie or television show to watch on Disney Plus. Afterward, tap the Chromecast symbol located in the top right corner.

  • Make sure your Chromecast is linked to your home network before connecting and configuring it.
  • On your phone or tablet, launch the Disney Plus app, and then tap the cast icon in the top right corner.
  • You can connect to a Chromecast device by tapping it.
  • You will see Chromecast device in the upper left corner of the screen when you choose a TV show or movie to watch.